Safe Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors

Walk In Bathtubs Safety Features

safe walk in bathtubsThere is no reason why you should not enjoy an amazing bathing experience with your very own walk in tub.  People experiencing mobility impairments caused by disability, old age or severe back pain encounter numerous challenges during bath time.  Since the traditional walk in tubs were not designed with their needs in mind, a new invention soon took the market by storm Safety Walk In Tubs. The amazing tubs are special bathtubs which came to renew the bathroom experience among people with limited mobility.  These special tubs are designed with unique features to make it easier, more comfortable and safer to access the bathing area and ultimately enhance their bath time.

Some of the features that make these walk in tubs a life-changing investment, for anyone with mobility issues, are: low step-ins, easy to reach controls, self sealing and inward opening doors. The main advantage of an inward opening door is that it gives a water tight seal. Due to the water pressure, the door shuts completely to prevent leakage of water when the tub is full. The door cannot open easily unless all the water is drained out. This tends to be a disadvantage in the event of an emergency. Notably, a walk-in tub with an inward swinging door is more cost effective which is why the design is more common.

Safety walk in bathtub outward opening doors are designed with special seals to prevent water inside the bath from leaking out. The door requires adequate clearance to open properly. These are particularly useful among people on wheelchairs since they allow easy access to the bathing area. In the event of an emergency, it is easy for one to escape since the door can be opened even when the tub is full.

These walk in baths are designed to occupy similar space to the traditional bathtubs so they can perfectly fit into a normal bathroom. There are also designs which are way smaller than the standard bath tub. When choosing the most suitable tub, one of the things you need to consider is the width and whether there is adequate space for the door to open in or out.

The height of the tub above the floor and the height of the seat, if it has one, are also important considerations. Other considerations like presence of luxurious features such as hydrotherapy treatment are important. Investing in special bathtubs for the elderly or handicapped means enhancing comfort, safety, independence and ultimately a person’s’ overall well being. Please visit walk in tub in Denver CO for more information.